For a College Graduation

Graduating college is no walk in the park. In order to make it this far, the special young adult in your life had to decide what field they wanted to potentially spend the rest of their life in, and then they had to study, and study they did. Now that this stage of their life is wrapping up, you want to give them a gift to welcome them into the next stage, whether it be a career, and family, an adventure, or any combination. Picking the right gift is hard, so here are a few ideas.

Compact Vacuum Cleaner

Your new graduate is probably going to be moving into a tiny apartment until they finish paying off tuition loans, or otherwise have financial success. A compact but powerful vacuum will help them maintain an apartment that clearly belongs to an adult, not a college kid, without getting in the way.

A Set Of Tools

Recent graduates are about to be responsible for their own living space, perhaps for the first time in their lives. They will run into furniture to assemble and appliances to repair for possibly the first time as well. Give them the gift of self-sufficiency with a high quality set of tools that they will have all through their lives.

New Wallet

Its likely that your college graduate spent their time in college using a lower quality wallet. Perhaps they started with a nice wallet, but lost it, or wore right through it. A new, nice, leather wallet can make even the most apprehensive graduate feel like a true adult. Choose one from a company known for reliability, and they’ll have a gift they’ll remember for years to come.

Nice Watch

If your graduate doesn’t have a nice watch that they can wear to both job interviews and to hang out with pals, this is the perfect opportunity to get them one. A nice watch makes a good first impression when meeting important business contacts, and is more helpful than a smartphone at keeping your graduate on time.


No more dining hall for your new college graduate. They’re going to have to learn how to cook, and do it regularly. Keep them from wasting money on takeout by getting them a good set of cookware and perhaps a beginner’s cookbook. Once again, look for high quality, well respected brands, and they will have these tools for a lifetime.

Dinner Set

If your graduate is going to be cooking, they’ll need plates to eat off of. Small, quality dining sets can be found for a low price, and include everything they will need to eat any meal they choose to prepare, from simple ramen, to the courageous coq au vin.

There are so many gifts that are perfect for college graduates. Just keep in mind, they will probably be living in a small area, but will also likely be in need of a lot of the household items that older adults take for granted. Help your college graduate succeed in this next step in their life by providing those little things that will keep them going.