For a High School Graduation

Newly minted adults graduating from high school are about to take a major step into the real world. Whether going off to college, travelling abroad, or immediately entering the working world, these young adults are about to do things they have never done before, and all without parental supervision. Gifts for high school graduates should reflect this sentiment; when they do, they become more than just gifts. They are tools that help create the experience of a lifetime.

Duffel Bags

A fancy duffel bag made of canvas or leather (not a nylon sports duffel bag) is a practical gift that will help high school graduates go wherever this mobile time of their life takes them. This is a period of transition for them, and will probably require moving, sometimes multiple times, into living areas that are smaller than mom and dad’s. A quality duffel bag will help them carry whatever they need, without taking up much space in storage, and it looks classier than their old sports bag.

Tool Box

Dad won’t be around to fix anything that could break in their new apartment or dorm. Arm them with a small tool box that contains anything necessary for small repairs. Look for a kit that includes a hammer, screwdrivers, a wrench, and pliers. For an added bonus, include a tape measure so they can decorate to their heart’s content. If you buy quality tools, these will last their entire lives.

Coffee Maker

No matter what the recent graduate is doing, it is likely they will be broke. A coffee maker will save them money, keeping them from buying expensive take out coffee on a daily basis. Some dorms may not allow them, but if they do, consider a high quality machine that will last them for years to come.

Quality Headphones

Life outside can be loud. Sometimes, your graduate will want to drown out the world around them, whether it be to focus on studying, or to focus on themselves. A high quality set, when taken care of, will last years, and can keep noise intrusions to a minimum.

New Bike

College campuses aren’t typically parking friendly, and neither are big cities. Whether your graduate is on their way to the big city to find work, or on their way to college, a bicycle is the easiest and cheapest way to get around. Ensure they’ll remember this gift for years to come by investing in a lightweight road bike. Bicycles also have the additional benefit of burning calories, which will help ward off the freshman 15.

The key to giving a gift to a high school graduate is considering how you can help them succeed in this next big step in life. Now is the time for them to start accumulating high quality, durable things that will keep them moving, wherever life may take them. The best gift you can give a high school graduate is the gift of guidance through this unfamiliar undertaking, and they will never forget that.