For a Housewarming

Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend or family member’s first home, new home, or home away from home, it can be tough to decide what the perfect housewarming gift might be. Of course, everyone’s new home needs will be different, but consider the following gifts to help new homeowners customize their decor, garden, kitchen, and more.

Traditional Housewarming Gifts

Traditionally, new homeowners might have received bread with the attached sentiment “May those in this house never go hungry,” or perhaps a candle with a note saying “May you always have light in your darkest hours.” A great gift would combine the two of these, plus a few other traditional gifts like honey, houseplants, wine, salt, herbs, a broom, or olive oil.


There are many works of art that are suitable for a housewarming gift. While any print that fits the tastes of your loved ones would be acceptable, also consider wall art with such expressions as “Bless This Home,” or “Home is Where the Heart is”. Make sure to get a material that best matches their general taste in decor.


A fully stocked bar is useless without the accoutrements to create the perfect cocktails. New homeownership can be stressful, so help your loved ones relax with a new shaker, ice tongs, bottle openers, jiggers, and anything else that might be included in a starter bar kit. Make sure to get them a decorative storage shelf to display their new fancy tools.

Throw Blankets

The more throw blankets a house has, the cozier it feels. Throw blankets are both practical and decorative, and might even encourage your loved ones to have you and a few friends over for a night of movies. There’s nothing more exciting than spending a cozy evening in with friends and family, bundled up in throw blankets.

Fun Serving Bowls

A lot of people throw away many of their possessions during a move to make the load lighter. Help your friends and family replace some of their old items by gifting them a unique serving bowl, perhaps a wooden or etched glass one, depending on their personal style. Next time they have a big gathering, you’ll be sure to see the bowl you gave them going to good use.


Another thing many people will dispose of when moving is their old food storage containers. If their previous Tupperware didn’t make the cut, get them a set of really nice ones. (Their old ones were probably missing the lids, anyways…) It isn’t until someone starts cooking that they’ll realize they don’t have any.

Remember, with housewarming gifts, it is important to keep your loved one’s personal taste in mind. Anything that clashes with their sense of style is sure to live in the closet, or be regifted. Find them a gift that they will cherish forever by opting for practical items that are necessary day to day. Keep gift of decor subtle; anything too gaudy will surely be forgotten.