For a Retirement Party

In the next few years, we’re sure to see a surge of retirements and retirement parties. The Baby Boomer generation is starting to move through that stage of life, and with so many people around you retiring, you might need a few gift giving ideas. Retirement gifts, depending on how familiar the recipient is with the giver, vary greatly. Consider a few of the following gifts to send the retiree into the next stage of their life.

The Years of Service Gift

If you are the boss or manager of a soon-to-be retiree, the classic gift for a respected employee is the “Years of Service Gift.” Usually, this takes the form of a watch or plaque engraved with a nice message regarding how long they’ve been employed at the company, like “Thank you for 25 years of excellent service.” If the retiree did anything of particular note, that might also make its way onto the engraving.

The Hobby Gift

If you are close pals with the retiree, or even a family member, consider a gift related to one of their hobbies. A round or two of golf to celebrate with a golfer is a great way to wrap up a career. If the retiree is a wine connoisseur, consider giving them a nice bottle of wine and a card with a nice message. Retirement is a time when people get to explore their hobbies further, which can get expensive. If the retiree is big into cooking, get them the gadget they always wish they had, or a gift card to a nice food store.

The Travel Gift

Retirement offers not only time to explore old hobbies, but also time to explore the world. If you anticipate your favorite retiree will be doing any travelling, their retirement party offers a good chance to give them a head start. Consider giving them luggage, luggage tags, or a passport holder. If they already have a trip planned, consider giving them books about the area they are travelling to.

The Experience Gift

By the time an adult reaches retirement age, they usually have most, if not all of the things they really need, and a good number of things that they have wanted. Instead of giving them more stuff that they might not ever use, consider giving the gift of an experience. Taking into consideration the interests of the retiree, you might want to give them tickets to a sporting event, theater production, or a night out at a nice restaurant. If you think giving tickets isn’t very thrilling, you can create a gift basket that centers around the event the tickets are for. For example, if you give them tickets to a baseball game, put together a gift basket with some of the teams gear, some Crackerjacks, and a few other small pieces of memorabilia.

The Humorous Gift

If you know the retiree to be a funny person, or at least someone with a good sense of humor, you might consider a humorous novelty gift for them. T-shirts, coffee mugs, and plaques can be customized to feature a funny statement regarding retirement.

The most important thing to keep in mind when giving a retirement gift is that you want it to be personalized for the recipient. By the time a person reaches retirement age, you’ve probably been working with them, or at least have known them for a long time. That means you should be able to apply these ideas in a way that is most applicable to the retiree.