For a Wedding

The idea behind a gift for a wedding is to give the newlyweds something that will help them begin their life together successfully. For this reason, many couples put together a wedding registry, indicating to their guests what they need most. If you’re very close to the couple, though, you may wish to go off the registry and pick a more personal gift. Here are a few ideas, but tread carefully. Newlyweds take a lot of time to think their registry through, so don’t go too far from what has been requested.

Buy From the Registry

We cannot reiterate this enough. A vast majority of couples prefer to receive something from their registry. They’ve carefully picked everything on it, and are hoping to receive these items. Unless you find something that you think they could have overlooked, or something that you think they may not have put on their registry fearing how people would feel about the item, stick to the registry.


A luxurious bedding set can make all the difference to the couple who will be spending their first few months after a stressful wedding mostly relaxing. Give them the gift of leisure with a bedding set that is plush, comfortable and stylish. If they wanted to get out of bed before, surely they won’t anymore.

Charity Gifts

If the newlywed couple is extremely interested in charity, you might consider a donation in their name to their favorite charity. This requires a lot of thinking through though; the couple is spending a lot of money on the wedding, and will likely have all sorts of post wedding expenses. But if you know this is truly something they would love, go for it, and pair it with a basket of small treats that reflect the nature of the organization they have just donated to.

Picnic Kit

Maybe the newlyweds enjoy eating al fresco. For a fun and creative gift, give them everything needed for a romantic picnic for two. Get a nice basket, a fancy bottle of wine that they might like, a few non-perishable snacks, and a gift card to a nice supermarket. Consider including a personalized books of recipes that can be executed during a picnic.

Picture Frames

The newlywed couple will certainly have a bunch of romantic, sentimental pictures after their big day. Consider gifting them a set of picture frames, including frames that can hold multiple pictures. Help them to display their new pictures, and perhaps some paper memorabilia from their wedding in style by choosing frames that will match the rest of their new decor.

When choosing a wedding gift, it is important to keep the couple’s specific personalities, needs, and wants in mind. That is the reason that they create a wedding registry. For a gift that they will be sure to appreciate, just go with the wedding registry. But if you’re sure that any of these other gifts will be of use to the couple, feel free to try your hand at shopping off the registry, especially if you are a very close friend or relative of the couple.