For an Anniversary

Getting your significant other an anniversary gift never gets easier, whether you’re celebrating your first year of marriage, or your 60th. Each year traditionally has a material or object associated with it that is supposed to be appropriate, but every couple has a different dynamic, a different budget, and a different way of gift giving in general. Some people are married to someone who prefers experiences over objects, while others prefer no gift at all. Here are a few gift ideas based, at least a little, on the traditional material associated with that year.

First Year – The Paper Anniversary

In the United States, the first year is considered the paper anniversary. It’s hard to escape the thought that “Oh, well, paper can’t really be a great gift.” There are actually a lot of exciting things you can gift and still be in the realm of paper. For the significant other who prefers experiences to objects, consider getting two tickets to an event that you’ll both enjoy. Tickets are printed on paper, the experience will be one to remember, and you can always frame the tickets and have a keepsake. Consider concerts, sporting events, plays, or even an airline ticket for a weekend away. Otherwise, art prints can be found to fit any set of interests. For the writer, consider a fancy leather bound journal, or perhaps a first edition bound copy of their favorite book.

Fifth Year – The Wood Anniversary

The fifth year anniversary offers a lot of unique gifting opportunities. Almost anything can be found made out of wood, and the classic look goes with any decor you might already have in your home. If your significant other enjoys fine whiskey or other drinks, consider a personalized whiskey barrel, or wooden coasters etched with something they might enjoy. Wooden jewelry can be found to please even the pickiest accessorizer. Wooden versions of board games are ideal if you and your spouse are competitive, or wooden wine glasses for the spouse who prefers to enjoy a quiet evening in.

Tenth Year – The Tin Anniversary

The tin anniversary can be a tough one. If your spouse enjoys cooking, you might consider a high quality baking sheet, or a coffee tin with a cute message. Many websites sell customizable license plate art; consider having your names, or the date of you anniversary placed on one. A wine chiller would complement the wooden wine glasses you picked out for your partner five years ago. An aluminum watch, or other piece of jewelry would also fit the bill for a tin gift.

Twentieth Year – The China Anniversary

Traditionally, the twentieth anniversary is the “China,” anniversary. This is the year to replace your spouse’s old, outdated china, with newer, perhaps nicer china. The gemstone for the twentieth year is the emerald, so perhaps consider china with a green accent, or incorporate the twentieth year flower, which is the daylily, by placing some nicely in a china cup. If you’re both feeling adventurous, consider planning a trip to China for your twentieth year.

It’s important to make sure that whatever you get your significant other, it reflects on their own interests. If this means getting them an anniversary gift that doesn’t correspond with the traditional materials, so be it. But if you can combine their interests with the traditional material, you are sure to make a lasting impression.