For Somebody with a New Job

If your close friend or relative is celebrating a new job offer, you might be considering getting them a gift for the occasion, especially if they’ve just landed their dream job. While not the most difficult of occasions to pick a gift for, it can certainly be stressful to try to pick out just the right gift, especially if you are extremely close to this person.

Consider the gifts below to celebrate your friend or relative’s next step in life.

A Night Out

If your friend or relative just landed a job that they’ve have always wanted, prepare to see them a little less often. They will surely be spending a lot of time dedicated to their new job, so treat them to one last night out before they really dig into work. Throw them a little party at your place, and then go enjoy the town as a group, making sure you buy them drinks and treat them to a fun time.

Congratulatory Card

Maybe you don’t think you’re close enough to a friend who just landed a new job to throw them a party, or even really get them a gift, but you don’t want them to think you’ve forgotten about them. Get them a card, and be sure to write a message of “good-luck” in it. You can even include a small gift card to an office supply store, or any other retailer that might apply to their new position.

Briefcase or Laptop Bag

Depending on their new position, your friend or relative might need a few things to start of their career. A nice briefcase or laptop bag to replace the backpack they were using for their first job will help them to show their co-workers and bosses that they mean business, and they can use it every day. This is a practical gift for anybody who landed an office job or other job that requires carrying papers or a laptop back and forth.

Cubicle Decor

If you know that your friend or relative’s new job will involve them sitting in their own cubicle, or at their own desk, consider getting them something they can use to spruce up the area. They might want a few picture frames to put pictures of their friends or family up, or they may prefer generic decor, like small pieces of art or other framed posters. Other ideas for cubicles and desks include succulents, personalized stationery, and mini figurines.

Business Card Holder

If your friend or relative has landed a position that will require them to carry around and hand out business cards, consider getting them a nice business card holder. Business cards generally come in large boxes, and carrying them around loose leads to them becoming sloppy. Get them a nice, enclosed business card holder so they can make the right first impression when handing out their contact information.

Right before a new job is a great time to celebrate, whether with nights out or gifts to help your friend or relative succeed. Make sure to keep in mind what their new position is, and how close you are to that specific person.