Gifts for Girlfriends

Whether you’re looking for a gift for Valentine’s Day or shopping for something to surprise her, finding a good gift for your girlfriend is a challenge. But don’t worry about dropping a lot of money on something extravagant – ultimately, it’s all about showing her how much she means to you. Look for something that has personal meaning to her and to your relationship.

Spa Gift Basket
A perfect spa gift basket will give that special someone a chance to pamper and relax all while in the
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Claddagh Ring
Claddagh Ring
A Claddagh ring is an Irish tradition. Named after a fishing village in Galway, it was first created sometime in
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Movie Night Gift Basket
Movie Night Gift Basket
Almost everybody enjoys a night in with a movie, so a nice movie night gift basket is a sure hit.
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Memory Book
This is a gift that you can either buy or make yourself with a journal and some simple materials. Start
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Her birth month flower

Most men probably are familiar with the concept of birthstones, but they might not know that birth month flowers exist as well. A bouquet of flowers is always a wonderful gift, but they’ll mean twice as much when you explain why you chose carnations. Tailoring a gift specifically to her takes it from sweet to ultra-thoughtful.

An onesie

If she’s always stealing your jackets to stay warm, think about getting her an adult onesie. A popular trend that started out funny and became a great way to stay warm, they can be found in all sizes and designs. If she likes cute animals (and who doesn’t?) you can find a onesie that looks like a duck, cat, mouse, or more. Or maybe she’d prefer a character from a fandom she’s part of – they can all be easily found online.

A thoughtful or inspirational book

Maybe she has a love for all things retro and would love a book on 1950s hairstyles. Or maybe she’s the kind of person who enjoys reading daily inspirational quotes. Regardless, a gift like this shows that you listen and pay attention to her interests.

A framed picture of her name meaning

If you’re dating a Margaret, what better way to show that you value her than a stylized picture defining her as a pearl? You can find designs or artists online who can personalize it further with artistic details, frames, and more. A much better option for her work desk than a name tag!


It may seem like a cheesy option, but she’ll appreciate the cheesiness. Taking the time to show what your memories mean to you is a great way to express your love. Include special items like the gum wrapper from your first date or a dried flower from an old bouquet. The time you put into assembling it will mean even more!

A scavenger hunt

A DIY adventure that makes for a great date night, you can set this up at home or somewhere special to the two of you. The prize at the end can be anything – a card for a spa day, a bouquet of flowers, or a bottle of champagne for you to share. It’s another gift idea that takes a little effort and means that much more because of it.

Don’t be afraid to put in a little time when it comes to gifts for your girlfriend! It will pay off when she sees the message behind it. The gift might be tangible, but what you’re really trying to say is how much she means to you.