Gifts for Grandma

Shopping for a gift for your grandmother doesn’t have to be complicated. Make your gift a personal gesture that emphasizes your relationship and your memories together. It will make her think of happy things whenever she sees it, even if you’re not always around to spend time together!

Spa Gift Basket
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Movie Night Gift Basket
Movie Night Gift Basket
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Memory Book
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A camera

Many grandmothers love to take pictures, especially of their growing grandchildren. If Grandma’s hobbies include photography, look into getting her a new camera. Choose a model that’s simple and self-explanatory, or if she’s more adventurous (or already used to the high-end stuff) choose a more complicated model that can take professional-grade photos.

A memoir book

Your grandmother has decades of wisdom to impart, and probably already enjoys telling stories about her childhood, meeting your grandfather, and the adventure of raising your mother or father. Why not give her an opportunity to share her memories? Memoir books are specialty books that come with already-organized sections for her to record her own life story. There are often even places to include pictures.


This may seem like a fairly obvious gift, but don’t worry – it’s not the lazy way out. A nicely-framed picture or beautiful scrapbook is a way to remind her of happy times together. You can customize picture frames to include a personal message as well, like “I love you” or “Palm Beach 2012!” This is an especially thoughtful gift if you live far away from one another!

A Keurig or other coffee machine

If Grandma loves coffee but is still using an old drip machine, consider getting her a newer model. Keurig is only one option. There are plenty more available both online and in-store in modern and traditional designs. Choose a newer high-tech option with personalized brewing options or go for something a little simpler.

A personalized pillow, blanket, or tote

There are hundreds of sites available to personalize merchandise, and just as many item options. Pick an item you think she’ll love and personalize it with a photo or message. One great idea is to include pictures of all her grandchildren with their names – it’s an opportunity for her to brag to her friends about all their accomplishments.

Family tree

If there’s one thing your grandmother is probably proud of, it’s her family. She’s been able to watch it grow and expand for much of her life! You can make or print a family tree in book form or printed on a personalized item, such as a wall hanging or blanket. For your grandmother, this gift is a reminder of all her loved ones, past and present.

When shopping for Grandma, keep things personal and focus on all your happy memories together. As with all gifts, it’s ultimately about the gesture, but you can find a host of thoughtful and unique ideas. Taking the time to think of her is sure to be meaningful!